Millennials have arrived. As big of a generation as the baby boomers are, #millennials (those people currently aged between 25-ish and 35-ish) have surpassed them as the largest demographic of home lookers (and home buyers) in the #UK.

This means that most #estate #agents are going to be selling homes to a generation with very different wants and needs to their own - and a generation that communicates more often and in more different ways, than ever before. Gone are the weekly "touch base" calls to a millennial. They want (and need) a #Whatsapp before work to check in.

As an agent in 2020 and beyond, We are aware of what my new and forthcoming customer base’ needs are and how, why and when to communicate what is important to them. My best friend is one and hearing about his experience trying to communicate effectively with some agents has been a huge learning curve for me; and one that I can pass on to my team.

They want to see market movements, asking-to-agreed prices, demographics of their chosen areas, so that when they do make their first big financial and lifestyle decision, they can put this data to great use. We can easily provide this information for the areas and property types they are looking for; we can be open with them in everything that they need to know to enable them to make this decision. We must do this because these individuals are going to be our ongoing customers - ones that we will have a lifetime relationship with.

Get yourself an estate agent that you can directly text/Whatsapp/post to social media from. We will still show care and contact them outside of these platforms of course, but let’s communicate the information as it is welcomed. In my experience, I find they will respond to us far more if we do this and the relationship builds much quicker.

Be yourself. Be a human-being trying to help another human-being. Be the person they go to when they need to know something about the market. Right now I am helping a friend’s Mum & Dad who isn’t even buying or selling

a property through me. Why? Because she trusts me to communicate in ways that she is comfortable with and to alleviate the fears she has in dealing with this new ‘home-buying’ experience.

Share your war-stories. Bring context into every conversation. Let your millennials know they aren't alone in their fight. Everyone struggles when they're looking to buy a house. Help them understand that they aren't alone and with your help, the process will be as painless as possible.

So, millennials, eh? They're going to be your buyers for a while and are already your sellers of the future.

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